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Advisor Kathy Hanson: Build a specific strategic goal for your business

Kathy Hanson founder of Backpocket Strategy and Elevate Hennepin advisor

Advisor Kathy Hanson: Build a specific strategic goal for your business

Without a goal-oriented strategy, business owners can get bogged down in managing day-to-day emails, client’s needs, and competing priorities on their to-do list.  

For Elevate HennepinSM advisor Kathy Hanson, founder of Backpocket Strategy, that’s a dangerous way for business owners to spend their very limited time, energy, and money.   

“Most business owners spend their entire day reacting,” said Hanson. “It’s very easy to get distracted by what’s in front of you all day and not prioritize working on your business goals. You need to be mindful about being proactive every single day and set time aside to work towards the goals you’ve set for your business." 

For more than 25 years, Hanson has helped business owners build goals that are specific, actionable and offer some essential work-life balance. Recording that and tracking progress is key, she says.   

“If you can’t name it or articulate it, then you’re not going to be able to do it,” said Hanson. “If you can’t name what your goals are one month, three months or a year from now, you’re not working toward something tangible.”   

If you’re stuck in the day-to-day or need some help building that strategy, Hanson and her fellow Elevate Hennepin advisors are ready to offer expert consulting, paid for by Hennepin County.

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