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Entrepreneurs rally 2024

Come together with over 500 fellow entrepreneurs. Connect with experienced mentors, learn from top speakers and network with your peers.
Apr 24

Bremer Bank roundtable

Please join us for a collaborative Round Table discussion among other extraordinary small business owners. This is a great opportunity to access resources and provide insight into your business and operations! 

Presented by: Bremer Bank and SCORE Twin Cities

Apr 24

Hiring better, faster

Hiring can be one of the most expensive mistakes for a business. In this workshop, you'll learn some best practices and marketing tips to hire better, faster in this competitive market.

Presented by: Vasiliki Papanikolopoulos (SCORE Twin Cities)

Apr 24

The lies you believed when starting your business

In "The Lies You Believed When Starting Your Business," we'll be spilling the beans on all those misconceptions that can A) mess with your entrepreneurial head and B) lay down a rocky biz foundation that has created a dangerous ripple effect in your business. 

Presented by: Sarah Kowal (SCORE Twin Cities)

Apr 24

Branding boost!

Does your branding help or hinder your business? Every aspect of your brand, from your logo to your posts on Instagram can be your greatest asset- or your scariest deterrent.


Presented by: Max Reineke (SCORE Twin Cities)

Real businesses, real stories.

Jeffrey Scott founder of ME & I Fitness

CEO Now helps gym owner pivot to better serve his community

When a new commercial building went up, Jeffrey Scott opened a gym. then reality of running a small business hit. 
Poh Lin Khoo founder of Khoo Consulting and Elevate Hennepin business advisor

Three brand building blocks from Elevate advisor Poh Lin Khoo

Elevate Hennepin advisor Poh Lin Khoo has tips to build a solid brand foundation.