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Language support

Connect with Elevate Hennepin across languages

Language support

We encourage all entrepreneurs to connect with Elevate Hennepin. The website and resource directory is only available in English at this time.

If you need support in another language, you can:

  1. Have someone you trust help you with the English process.
  2. Use an internet tool to translate the site for you.

Recommended tools:

  1. Google Translate extension: Google offers a translation tool for your internet browser. This tool automatically translates text on a web page. To download and use this tool, you need the Google Chrome web browser (free to download). Go to the extension.
  2. Google Translate online tool. You can also copy and paste text from this website into the Google Translate webpage.

Waa maxay Elevate Hennepin?

Adeegyada iyo hababka lacag la’aanta ah ee lagu cawinayo dhamaan ganacsiyada kala duwan ee ku yaalo Hennepin County si ay u furtaan, u kobcaan una guuleystaan.

Que es Elevate Hennepin?

Servicios y herramientas gratuitos para ayudar a las empresas de Hennepin County de todos los orígenes a empezar, crecer y prosperar.

Elevate Hennepin yog dab tsi?

Peb muaj kev pab cuam dawb tsis yuav nqi rau txhua leej txhua tus pab kom koj lub lag luam khiav mus tau zoo.

Other language resources

Email support

If you cannot use the online application or it’s not working for your needs, Hennepin County offers free interpreter services upon request. Please email

El condado de Hennepin ofrece servicios gratuitos de intérprete al pedido. Para asistencia

Hennepin County muaj neeg txhais lus pub dawb yog tias xav tau. Yog xav tau kev pab

Degmada Hennepin County waxay bixisaa adeeg turjubaan oo bilaash ah marka la codsado. Hadii aad Caawimaad u baahantahay


Phone support

If you cannot use any of the above tools or resources, Business Navigators and advisors can access a call-in translation service.