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NewPublica on marketing: set goals, measure what you can

Carmen Monserrate founder of New Publica and Elevate Hennepin advisor

NewPublica on marketing: set goals, measure what you can

Measuring business outreach can be tricky—not everything leads to simple numbers. Of course, it’s still important to track performance and understand business communications.  

That blend of data science and art is something Elevate HennepinSM advisor Carmen Monserrate balances every day at NewPublica, a multiculturally focused public relations and communications firm.

“We use all sorts of analytics depending on what channels we're using. But the discovery period is key,” said Monserrate. “It’s essential to really focus and break down what the real objectives are.”  

She thrives at reigning in scattered strategies, and loves working with Elevate HennepinSM clients because she understands the many challenges of operating a small business as well as anyone. Her essential skill is helping business leaders break down real objectives and measure the overall outcome that might not show up in the raw data.  

As you take stock of the year and plan for 2023, she encourages Hennepin County business leaders to think of how her or any of the more than 20 business advisors can help grow your business. Hennepin County businesses can access up to 25 hours of consulting time with NewPublica at no cost, thanks to funding from Hennepin. 

“Take full advantage of this great opportunity,” said Monserrate. “We find it so valuable and fulfilling to help businesses like us.”  
If you're looking for support to tackle marketing challenges, develop a strategy, or figure out where to spend your marketing budget, connect with NewPublica or any Elevate HennepinSM marketing advisor today. 

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