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Technologist Computers

Technologist Computers SBC

Technologist Computers SBC is an Elevate Hennepin business advisor offering Hennepin County businesses up to 25 hours of services at no cost, including:


  • Technical support: Repair and troubleshoot problems with computer equipment
  • Hardware and software installation
  • Office 365 administration, software and digital skills training
  • Website design and application
  • Network design and cybersecurity


Our mission is to provide comprehensive technology solutions, including expert technical support, software and hardware consulting, and cutting-edge website design. Our goal is to empower businesses to leverage technology effectively, delivering measurable results, and fostering long-term partnerships.

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Advisors and consultants, African American or Black, Disadvantaged businesses, Technology


African American or Black, Disadvantaged businesses


Early growth businesses (1-9 employees), Second stage businesses (10+ employees), Startup businesses (0 employees)


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