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SCORE Twin Cities


Our mission is to foster a vibrant small business community through mentoring, learning and business development resources to the Twin Cities Metro and Western Wisconsin areas. Our vision is to assure that every person has the support they need to thrive as a small business owner.


A SCORE mentor can talk with you about your business ideas; guide you through business definition and plan development; help you apply for licensing; discuss financing


A SCORE mentor can work with you to help figure out how to generate enough cash to break even and turn a profit; build social media plans; navigate a changing business environment


A SCORE mentor can be there through key issues such as whether to remain stable and profitable or to expand, how to put key systems in place, and how to drive sustainable growth


A SCORE mentor can help as you navigate how to grow rapidly and how to finance that growth

Resource Maturity:

A SCORE mentor can discuss with you how to consolidate and control your financial gains, address management issues and explore succession versus selling the business

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Advisors and consultants, Coaches and mentors, Financial management, Human resources, Marketing, Nonprofit sector, Strategic planning


Nonprofit sector


Early growth businesses (1-9 employees), Idea stage businesses, Second stage businesses (10+ employees), Startup businesses (0 employees)


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Upcoming SCORE Twin Cities events

Accelerate business growth with the help of AI

Visa has invited a roundtable of experts to explore how business owners can harness the power of AI to help not only protect against payment fraud but also help find new funding opportunities.


Best AI prompts to grow your business

Ready to uncover the juicy secrets of how top marketers are using AI to turbocharge their businesses? 

Amplify your authority

If you’re ready to amplify your authority, this workshop is for you. It’s time to bring your big ideas to the world, kicking overwhelm and imposter syndrome to the curb. Building a body of work can take many forms, like a blog, podcast, newsletter, event, book, or social media. But the format doesn’t matter as much as getting started!