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Co-operative Technical Assistance Program (C-TAP)


Co-operative Technical Assistance Program (C-TAP) supports the development of new Minneapolis co-operatives located in the City of Minneapolis. This program offers a free co-op feasibility training for potential and new cooperatives and existing businesses interested in converting into a cooperative. The program also provides one-on-one technical assistance (consulting).

Minneapolis seeks to leverage the co-op model for maximum community benefit to promote economic development, diversity in ownership, and support innovation.

Under C-TAP, there are three service areas:

  • Co-op feasibility training to help participants evaluate the feasibility of a co-op idea or refine their model.
  • A co-op creation grant fund to support new co-ops with up to $25,000 in grant funds to support formation.
  • Technical assistance for co-operatives with up to 50 hours of one-on-one technical assistance to form or enhance an existing co-op.
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Advisors and consultants, City specific resource, Cohort learning and networking, Financial management, Strategic planning



Early growth businesses (1-9 employees)


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