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A.M. & Associates

A.M. & Associates is an Elevate Hennepin business advisor offering Hennepin County businesses up to 25 hours of services at no cost, including:


  • Corporate compliance support via policy & procedure
  • Handbook creation
  • Strategic mapping for business owners

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, A.M. & Associates supports clients from coast to coast. Our firm creates and codifies processes, policies, and procedures to support and prioritize physical and psychological safety for our client’s internal stakeholders. In doing so, organizations collaboratively mitigate future liability: our founder believes understanding this liability in your organization today will save time, money, and limit risk in the future.

This advisor is currently at their client capacity and is unable to take on new clients at this time. This page will be updated once this organization has capacity to take on new clients.

Elevate Hennepin Advisor badge


Advisors and consultants, Human resources



Early growth businesses (1-9 employees), Second stage businesses (10+ employees)


Speaks English, Speaks Hmong, Speaks Spanish

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