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ACER is an Elevate Hennepin Specialist offering Hennepin County businesses up to 25 hours of services at no cost, including:

  • One-on-one business advising or coaching
  • Loan and grant advisory services and navigational support for established businesses
  • Navigation of Elevate Hennepin resources and referrals

African Career, Education, & Resources Inc. (ACER) is the leading issue-based community organization working to uplift and amplify the African Diaspora to build power for systemic change that advances racial and economic equity in our communities. Our vision is a transformed system, free from racial and economic inequities where African Diaspora communities can thrive and lead prosperous lives. We collaborate with clients to manage risk and prepare their businesses for robust growth.

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Access to Capital, Advisors and consultants, African American or Black, Disadvantaged businesses, Immigrant, Strategic planning


African American or Black, Immigrant, Disadvantaged businesses


Early growth businesses (1-9 employees), Idea stage businesses, Startup businesses (0 employees)


Speaks English

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