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Financing for start-ups and small businesses

Join us for a FREE, interactive discussion on the intricacies of financing for start-up entrepreneurs and small business. This event is being offered by NextStage- a leading non-profit community development lender- in partnership with the City of Bloomington, and will offer a honest, plain language conversation on the challenges of financing for early-stage and small ventures, with plenty of time for questions!

During this seminar, participants will gain invaluable insights into the following key topics:

  • When is it appropriate for a business to borrow? How do you know if debt is right for your business? What are the valid reasons to borrow, and what requests raise red flags with lenders.
  • Types of Financing & Lenders: Learn about the various kinds of commercial financing, types of lenders, and how to match financing source and structure to your borrowing needs.
  • What do lenders look for when making loan decisions? We’ll discuss the vocabulary of lending and cover the underwriting process to help you understand what specifically lenders look at – and look for- when making a lending decision.
  • What do you need to prepare for the best chance of an approval? We’ll cover what you should include in a loan application, and what you should be prepared to answer to give your application the best chance for approval.

Whether you're at the inception stage of your startup journey or seeking to scale your existing small business, this seminar offers indispensable guidance and resources to help you navigate the financial landscape with confidence and clarity.

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Financing for start-ups and small businesses

Date + Time

May 08, 2024


Bloomington Civic Plaza:
1800 West Old Shakopee Road, Bloomington, MN 55431

Presented by

Lee Hall (NextStage)



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